Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It's been a while since I went through this file and realized I never posted any of the shots I took last year from the show. Well...here's a few of the good one's but a ton of bikes that I missed....overwhelmed indeed! Enjoy...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Frame Jig

I decided it was time that I had my own frame jig. I always used to have to go to my buddy's house for his help everytime I wanted to use the jig. I don't have to bother him and I can keep it jigged up as long as I want instead of feeling the need to get the frame done so I don't tie up his jig.
This frame jig I came up with are looking at different jigs on-line and taking what I could from each one and coming up with something on my own. I went down to the local steel yard where a friend of a friend works and hooked me up with all the materials for a measly $40 bones. (SCORE)
Took a whole saturday to get everything the way I wanted it. I made a couple transmission mounts so I can now jig up a 4 speed and a 5 speed frame without any problems.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013



Primary Cover for Show Class Build Off

My friend Brandon's in the Show Class People's Choice build off for the BF5 spot.  Obviously everybody knows how important it is making your own parts and the details put into every part. This guy decided to make his own primary cover out of aluminum. He asked if I could hook him up with a few domes a certain size so he could get the cover he's looking to design. the link for voting is below...so if you feel like voting for BIKE 24 go ahead and click the link and see what the deal is.

Rolling Rear fender for full custom

Here's a rear fender I strated rolling out from flat sheet metal. Learning how to stretch, shrink and roll metal is pretty amazing. I knew that making fenders this way wasn't going to be the easiest but what cool comes easy!?

Trike Front Fender

Here's a look at the best I figured to trim a fender. I used a thin aluminum welding rod to get the diameter of the rim. I then use a marker to trace out the design I'm looking for. After my first cut I fill in the fender with a black marker to simu;ate a cut and stand back for a good look. After messing around coloring with markers... I come through for a final cut and trim. I'm not a fan of front fenders, but this trike is going up for sale so I'm not buildding this for me to keep. Obviously I'll be giving rides the first year but after that it's gotta go....I'm not too much the trike guy anyways.